How To Use A Thundershirt

Retailer Training Video

Anxious pets need your help! We’re going to show you exactly how to fit and when to suggest the Thundershirt to your customers.

When used correctly, the Thundershirt has a 90% success rate in helping reduce or eliminate anxiety in dogs and cats.

Let’s get to it; when should you suggest the Thundershirt to your customer?

[Abbreviated bullet points on screen as actor speaks]

  • When the pet demonstrates symptoms of separation anxiety [Separation Anxiety]
  • If the pet is fearful of fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud noises [Loud Noises]
  • Aggressive behaviour towards the vet or during nail trims [Vet/Grooming]
  • Excessive crying during car rides [Car Rides]
  • If a dog is reactive on walks [Reactive]
  • Aggressive cats or cats who urinate outside the litter box [Marking/Aggression]

When you have a customer looking for a solution to these or similar issues, grab the shirt and show them how to put it on!

[Actor is accompanied by a dog (real or fake)]

‘Sparky’ here will help me demonstrate how to properly fit a Thundershirt.

Start by loosely fitting the sturdy Velcro straps around the neck – you can adjust this later if necessary.

[Actor secures loose shirt around dog’s neck]

Next, pull down the short belly flap – the piece with the Thundershirt logo goes on last!

[Actor demonstrates which portion of shirt to pull under dog belly.]

[Image beside actor to highlight which shirt flap is being used]

The longer ‘underbelly’ flap should be pulled tight, then secured to the shorter flap.

[Actor fastens longer shirt flap to shorter flap under the dog’s belly]

[Image highlights the longer flap portion]

Last, the top flap, it holds everything in place.

[Actor secures last flap]

[Image highlights last flap with logo clearly visible]

When fitted correctly, the shirt should fit the dog like spandex. Snug and comfortable.

[Image flash of spandex clad people]

On male dogs, they should still have clearance to mark their favourite spot

[Image of cartoon dog peeing on fire hydrant/tree]

Encourage your customer to bring their dog with them. Your expertise with the shirt will give them the confidence they need to help their pet, and win you the sale.

If they can’t bring their pet, indicate to them where they need to measure their dog to ensure the best fit. The dimensions are on the box!

[Show size dimension chart & where to find it on box]

Remind your customer to train their pet with the Thundershirt before they need it. It’s only 90% effective when used properly, it cannot perform miracles

[Image water pouring out & turning into wine or other stereotypical miracle]

Have an extreme case of anxiety?

Suggest the Thunderease calming drops or spray, perfect for the small black circle on the dog’s new shirt

[Image – close up of Thunder patch & Calming drops bottle]

You’ll increase the shirt’s efficiency and your items per transaction

Remind your customer to start training when the stressor is not present

[Image: ‘x’ bullet points beside Fireworks, Cars, Thunder]

This allows their pet to associate the shirt with calm and comfort.

Customer still hesitant?

Assure them that the Thundershirt is 100% guaranteed or their money back in 45 days.

Remember, the Thundershirt is a drug-free way to help calm pets naturally and comfortably.

It’s best to train the pet with the shirt first.

[Bullet points: Naturally Calm, Train First]

Suggest customers increase their chances of success with the Thunderease drops, sprays or treats

[Bullet point: Suggest Add-On sales]

I encourage you to check out some of our testimonials in the link below.

These will help you relate real-life success stories to your customers.

[Arrow pointing to link/Link on screen – “Thundermonials”]

Our customers are some of the most satisfied and calm pet owners around.

And remember, the Thundershirt is completely risk free for your customers and you.

[Bullet point: Guaranteed, Risk Free]

Happy selling