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Many people do not consider a copywriter for their social media posts – but if you have read some of them, you quickly realize you should. Social media copy is very tight and to the point, while being on brand and engaging. It’s a big job to fit few, inspiring words in a single post.

If you consider the preview most people have on social media, it holds an average of 5-20 words depending on the platform.

Should you use emojis? Which ones? How many?

What about hashtags? What are the right ones to use? What do they do?

Most social media managers are not copywriters and many copywriters are not social media managers. Fortunately for your business, I am both. I will keep your brand voice present in your social media marketing while targeting the specific prospects each platform is most likely to attract.

I will work closely with you to define your audience on each of your platforms and the sort of copy that will work for your posts. Your social media presence is often the first impression your prospects will have. Make it good.

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