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Learn how to write winning proposals with less headache

It’s happened again. You tirelessly agonized over that proposal only to lose the client to that other design firm!

Learn how to spend less time on fruitless proposals and win over new clients with Mindwalk’s Pump Up Your Proposals, one-day workshop.

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, discover how to grow your business with the proven 7-step “Mindwalk Method” for proposal writing. Previous participants have enjoyed a 32% average increase in their business’s win rates.

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What’s included in the $429 workshop price?

  • Learn effective pricing techniques
  • Your own proposal templates reviewed by an expert
  • Gain 9 profitable proposal templates
  • Learn from industry leader, Michael Huggins
  • Reclaim valuable time from proposal writing and invest it back into your business

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You will also receive a comprehensive, 97-page workbook including handouts and several tips sheets!

Invest in your business by learning faster proposal writing techniques and winning over more new clients.

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