What an email campaign outline will look like from me.

You will have an overview of what the campaign will be about, the kinds of emails that I’ll draft for you and the purpose of each.

Business: Customer service training company – Team Training – Forging stronger teams for successful business

Purpose of email campaign: Build trust with prospects. Reassurance that our training program is beneficial to business growth. Goal to have them sign up for training program.

Incentive: Free ebook & 10% off training program.

Summary of Each email

Email 1: How does your business measure up? (soft)

Sum: Use stories about successful big businesses when they first started out. Exceptional customer service made them stand out from the rest and now they boast multi-million dollar sales.

Remind reader that their customer service makes the difference between their business and others in their industry.

Email 2: What does your customer expect from your business? (warm)

Sum: Research based email, offering statistics of what the average shopping experience entails. Email to highlight the importance of the brand image via customer experience. Poor experience equals bad branding. Insert some of the types of courses offered by company to help improve brand image through customer experience. This email includes testimonials from past customers.

Email 3: 3 Ways to boost sales with exceptional customer service. (soft)

Sum: Free tips you can use today to start boosting sales.

  1. Engaged customers are more relaxed, relaxed people do not rush out.
  2. Get to know your regulars – they’re your biggest spokesperson.
  3. Be seen on social media. Engage your customers even when they aren’t shopping with you.

Email 4: Your customer focused staff increase business (warm)

Sum: Reader may be hesitant about spending money on this course, highlight the cost vs. benefits. Well trained staff put the customer first while representing the best of your brand. Our training programs are designed to make exceptional service a sixth sense for your devoted staff. Watch your customers delight in visiting your shop – like seeing an old friend.

CTA – Download our free ebook

Email 5: [M.Smith] You’re busy, allow us to help you succeed (hot)

Sum: Focused on the multitude of tasks running a business entails. You want to improve your customer reviews, but don’t know where to start. Our program is designed to help educate your staff on the best practices most successful business use, without interrupting normal business operations. Highlight key differences between this program and others.

CTA – sign up today and receive 10% off our exclusive training program

Email 6: Why customer service should be your top priority (warm)

Sum: Story based email. Thirty years ago, no one thought much about the internet. Today it’s in the palm of your hands. Ten years ago, online shopping wasn’t your main competitor, today it has surpassed brick-and-mortar sales. Your customer’s shopping experience keeps them coming back to you and not online.

Ready to Start?

After the outline is approved, I will start working on the draft emails for your approval.

I am happy to work with you graphic designer and marketing team to help create a campaign that feels like a wonderful journey for the prospect. From getting to know your brand to becoming a loyal patron.