Curating posts that your prospects will get excited about

How many social media platforms are you actively engaged on? As of July 2021, there is an estimated 4.48 billion people using social media; that’s more than half the planet’s population.  

What do you engage with the most? How-tos? Cute pictures and heart-warming stories? Thought provoking articles?

Our issue when planning a business social media content strategy, is we think everything needs to be about business. How very boring for your followers. 

Think of your business social media accounts as an acquaintance that your customer knows – a buddy from high school or college. Your customers want to know what you’re up to, want to know you can help them if they need and above all, they want to feel good when they engage with you.

Give them that serotonin, not just your latest product launch or sale item.

Hide-and-Seek Engagement

I’ve been running my mom’s social media for her pet retail store for ten years. Let me tell you, I’ve made mistakes and that’s why I know what I’m talking about today. 

What I learned was that her customers didn’t care what was on sale or what hot new item was in store. Static product images nearly always fell flat.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth doing. I did a post for her about Weruva’s BFF cat pouches being back in stock after a shipping container issue. It got 3 likes. However, people came into the store saying, “I saw the BFF pouches were back in.” 

So, I experimented with hide-and-seek posts. The posts became about using the product.

Here’s what I mean – including adorable dog pictures (you’re welcome). Parker is our model for everything. We received new funny toys shaped like hats. I could have posted static images of the hats to try and sell them or I could stick them on Parker’s head and post them…

Be sure to add relevant product or people tags

After 40 minutes, the post had a dozen likes and engaging comments. People saw the post and wanted to interact with it – social media win. But likes don’t sell toys…or do they?

They do.

After the post, people came in actively looking for the toy. They thought they were funny and like the tens of thousands of other pet owners out there – funny hats on dogs is always Instagram worthy (#dogsinhats has over 100,000 posts).

The post worked because it wasn’t about the toy. It was about Parker engaging with the toy. See the difference? 

Show your products off, but show them being engaged with, worn, consumed, played with, whatever! Get creative and fun. You’re in the pet industry, it should be fun.

How to come up with Engagement Strategy

Content curation is the tedious, no fun part of social media. But it is better to have an outline rather than wake up Wednesday morning thinking, what am I posting about today?

You have options: 

  1. Do it yourself (yuck) 
  2. Fly by the seat of your pants and wing it…I mean you could give it a shot
  3. Contract a freelancer (hey, I know one), who will do all those hours of research, planning, outlining, refining and tweaking your content strategy so you can focus on your business

Whatever your decision, your content strategy should be linked with an engagement and growth strategy as well as industry trends.

Plan for posts on international cat day (August 8th), international dog day (August 26), international hamster day (May 10), and other relevant dates. 

Your engagement strategy should also include personal touches. Who are your staff? What are some behind-the-scenes things your clients might find interesting and provide an opportunity to feel connected with you?

Will every engagement strategy and content calendar be a success? No. Let’s be realistic. It is impossible to predict what types of content will become successful.

Focus on content that will be meaningful to your customers and prospects.

That’s a Wrap

Remember, your engagement strategy should be entirely focused on your customers and prospects – those people you want to attract to your business.

When you create meaningful and fun content, your clients will be excited to engage with your social media platform. They will share content they find useful and fun, offering you free advertisement.

If you need help curating your content, send me an email, we can chat about your needs and decide what will work best for you and your pet centred business. 

Whatever course you decide is best for your budget and your business, take the time to think about your social media. Be engaging with your followers and they will repay you.