Should Your Business Have A Blog? Yes, And How To Start One

Well, if you read the title, you’re half way there! Should your business have a blog (and why should your business have a blog)?

 Let’s start by covering the ‘should’ part first.

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Whether your business is little or HUGE there is a great deal of value in having a blog. If your business has a blog for customers or even folks who happen to search your industry, you will be more likely to make a successful sale than if you didn’t have a blog. 

You want to drive more sales right? How can your clientele be sure that you’re the right business for them to spend their money on? Help them make the right decision through informative, insightful and helpful blog posts!

What Kind Of Blog Should You Have?

The short answer is a variety. Have one blog site and choose the type or voice of the blog according to your industry. Remember though, if your posts are too technical or dry they may not attract a lot of attention or readership.

Have blog posts that are informative, and refrain from using too much technical jargon; no one likes to feel dumb or look up every other word when they’re reading something!

Make sure to include ‘How to’ or ‘Best of’ style blog posts. Not only will these reach a wider range of potential customers, but they will also help the ones who have sought answers to their questions. 

Let’s say you run a mechanic’s shop and you have noticed that many of your clients are not getting their oil changed frequently enough- boom blog post; “What Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your Oil”.

In this post you will go over the importance of regular oil changes, what happens to your engine and the added costs of not regularly changing your car’s oil. You will help inform your audience about the importance of oil changes.

Not only have you helped educate people, they know they learned it from your business.

How Do You Start A Blog?


This is probably the easiest step, choose a blog hosting site, like WordPress or Wix or HubSpot, there are many hosting site out there, just take a minute and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Many even have free packages if you don’t want to spend money just yet. 

If you already pay for hosting, check with your provider, most already have a blog component.

Starting A Blog

Before you write anything, jot down a few ideas for blog posts. Write a few first and then schedule to publish. This way you can write multiple blog posts in one session or whenever you have free time.

For example, I wrote this post on May 31, 2019. I got the idea to write it after reading Social Media Today’s post and I had the free time to write it!

Have guest writers and interviews if you can.

Not sure how to write? Write as if you were talking to someone. Quite frankly, if it helps you, talk to someone and write!

I have this issue with voice recording. I feel silly and always mess it up (it took me 20 minutes to set up the voice mail for my store!). My husband gave me a great suggestion when I had to do multiple voice recordings for school; talk to a stuffed animal.

I set up a little stuffed animal and would talk to it while I recorded my voice overs. Worked like a charm!

If you still don’t think you can manage a blog, but want to start one, reach out to a social media management company and inquire about their services and rates!

You got this though