Is radio advertising a dinosaur clinging to life? No. Music consumption has expanded beyond radio and moved into other realms. It’s a brilliant time to invest in audio advertising. 

Radio advertising, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and so much more; the realms of audio advertising have a reach far beyond the local radio station. Grab this opportunity and let your business’s voice be heard.

There are many considerations before you decide on audio advertising. Where is your audience listening? Where do they live? How do you get their attention? Let’s dive into this, shall we?

Where Should Your Ad Go?

When someone asks me, should I advertise on my local station or go bigger and pay for an ad on YouTube or Spotify? The answer is not always easy, but here is my top suggestion to help you pick: where are your prospects?

My mother runs the Pet Valu in Pickering at Whites road, if she wanted me to write her a radio ad, I would only suggest a few local stations to run it. If she ran it on a wider network, like YouTube or Spotify, someone in Kentucky might think it’s brilliant, but they’re 981 km away and not a prospect.

If you are an e-commerce business that ships world-wide, then run it on a huge network in the most commonly spoken language (English), but it may be worth the investment to translate to Mandarin Chinese (second most spoken language) if that’s a market for you.

Now that you know where to run your ad, how do you grab someone’s attention before they change the channel?

5-8 Seconds To Win It

Yup, that is the average time to grab and hold someone’s attention. Seems daunting to attract someone with a couple of words. Radio is still worth the investment though, more people listen to the radio than watch TV.

Your audio commercial needs to be well written and thought out. Focus on one key feature that your business offers or that you are currently looking to promote. Avoid long winded lists, people can only remember an average of 3 items.

I spent a few hours mulling over the first sentence of a radio commercial I wrote a while back. I wanted it to grab everyone right away. That first sentence matters more than everything that follows – without that gripping opener, the rest of the ad wont be heard.

Compel the Prospect

It is often tempting to rhyme off all of the incredible products and services your business offers, but keep it simple. One feature at a time – max 3 depending on how much airtime you bought.

Keeping the focus on one feature helps niche down the prospects and create a more impactful ad. 

Open the ad with a direct call to who you are targeting. Are you a car company targeting men in their 50s who are on the fence about buying a luxury car? Open the ad with what those men want; do they want to feel young, do they deserve to have a luxury vehicle now that the kids are out of the house? What appeals to the majority of that target market?

When you narrow that down, the commercial will practically write itself.

That’s A Wrap

Audio and radio commercials are a great way to reach a narrow and wide target audience. Choose the station or platform that will reach as many of your target audience as possible. Don’t advertise globally if you only sell locally.

Keep it tight and grab them by the ear in those first 5-8 seconds. Use copywriting wizardry to reel them in and drive them to your business.

Know your target and advertise to them. 

When in doubt about what will work, listen to the commercials playing, what compels you and why?

Radio isn’t a dinosaur, it’s a beautiful bird singing your prospects their favourite song.