White Papers

White Paper

The research and time your company has spent developing a new product or service should not go unnoticed.

Allow me to write the white paper your efforts deserve.

I will read through the research data, compile the information and write a cohesive and clear paper for your prospects. 

I will help guide your readers through the various applications of your product, helping them make the right buying decision.

How To Write White Papers

Research takes time, as does writing it in a comprehensive, yet clear manner. Depending on the anticipated length of the finished paper, it can take a few weeks to craft the perfect white paper.

I like to start with the research, walk me through the product in fine detail. Then walk me through your prospects.

Once I know what I’m writing about and for whom, I will begin outlining the paper. Dividing the research into key messages for easier flow.

What are the key take aways you want your readers to have? What is the goal of your white paper? I will have a list of questions for you and your team that will help me write your perfect white paper.

After the first draft is complete, I will edit it, then send it to you for approval.

All of my fees include 2 revisions within a six month period.

Research Paper

All research papers are written in brand voice and in the vernacular of the industry. 

All research data remains privileged, as will be outlined in our signed contract.