Training Scripts

E Learning

Have you ever watched a boring training video? Me too.

Onboarding a new staff member is difficult enough. Concise training videos can be a valuable asset for your entire team.

Whether for new staff or helping your customers use your product, your training video should be informative and entertaining.

Crafting a script that will guide the viewer through all of the important pieces of information without putting them to sleep is my job. 

What A Training Video Needs

Your training video needs to grab the viewer’s attention within 3 seconds. That’s about the same amount of time as saying “Hi, how are you today?”

If your training video is for consumer use, I will use your customer persona to determine the keywords that will grab your target audience. I can expand off existing marketing materials, or create something new and unique.

Your video needs to convey the information the person is seeking in an easy to understand message.

An in-house training video needs to have a progressive flow to help build your team’s knowledge without overloading their brain. I will work closely with you and your training department to ensure a comprehensive and informative video.

I will always respect your budget and work within the parameters we agree upon before work starts. 

Funny face

Free tip: count to 4 when your videographer begins recording to avoid those odd pause faces.