Emails - Campaigns & News Letters


Emails to your customers are a great way to keep them in touch with your company. They keep your business top of mind for those clients. When they need your services, you’re the first business they think of.

The difficulty with emails is getting them opened and read. 

I have over a dozen newsletters in my inbox at a given time. If the subject line didn’t catch my attention, I deleted it without reading it.

Crafting the most incredible email in the world is completely useless to your business if it doesn’t get read.

Email Campaigns Vs News Letters

Email Campaigns

  • Focus on one product/service you want to highlight
  • Span 3-7 separate emails
  • Build up to a sales pitch
  • Less focus on relationship building

Email News Letters

  • Relationship builders
  • Use the customer’s name
  • Benefit focused
  • Soft sales tactics 
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly emails

How I Write Emails for You

Whether you want to focus on an email campaign or you’re looking for a long-term news letter relationship, I can help.

All my emails include click-provoking subject lines and headers. Always written in a format that makes reading easy on computer, tablet or phone.

Working with your business plan in mind, email campaigns will be crafted in a way that won’t make your prospect feel pressured. I prefer working with the cool-warm-hot model.

All email news letters will be strategized based on your marketing goals, seasonal sales plans and the key topics your customers want to read about. News letters will be crafted with soft sales in mind. Building those relationships and keeping them strong.  

Reading Emails