Editing & Polishing


Often, as business owners, we already conceptualized our ideal message. Maybe you jotted it down on a napkin or the back of a receipt. 

If you have your message, advertisement, blog post or even white paper already written, but you want it edited, I’m here for you.

My editing process goes beyond grammar and punctuation. Flow, key concepts and assuring your message addresses your key audience are all included with my editing services.

What I Do For You

I start by reading over what you provide me, with the parameters of what you want in the back of my mind. Why? I want to read what you wrote without bias. 

You know your business, products and services. I want to see how you conceptualize it all. It gives me a better understanding of you and your brand voice.

Then, I read it again, this time with my red pen in hand. I’ll chop out fillers and insert keywords where necessary (no keyword stuffing, I promise). When I edit, I always maintain your voice and keep the customer persona in mind. Then I’ll send it back to you for approval.

When we have reached an agreement on the final version, I will read it once more, out loud.

Reading out loud helps me catch any typos that the eyes can miss. It will also catch unnatural sounding sentences. 

What Do You Edit?

  • Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Web Pages
  • Brochures
  • Radio/Commercial Scripts
  • Landing Pages
  • Advertisements – Print & Social Media

Need something different edited? Tell me your needs and I’ll offer you a solution.