What is a Customer Persona? Do You Need One?

Target Group

A customer persona is a fictitious person or people that embodies the qualities your ideal customer has.

These personas help copywriters and marketers determine the best means of communicating with your ideal clients. Thus, your business gets a better return on investment (ROI).

When you understand the needs/wants/concerns your customers have, your copywriter can determine the best words to convince your prospects that your company has what they need.

Do You Need a Customer Persona?


If you hope to engage your ideal clients, you need to understand their wants and needs. Customer personas are not guess work, they are researched and detailed.

Creating an email campaign for women’s undergarments will be far more effective if I understand who the garments are suited for. How will garments benefit the ideal customer? What solutions can they provide to her? Are they flashy and functional for younger women or are they solution based for women with particular needs?

Now that I have you thinking about undies, do you need a customer persona even if your ideal client is another business?



What is a B2B Customer Persona?

Other businesses have personalities too. They have wants and needs just like individuals.

When writing a customer persona for a business, there is more thought involved. Ultimately the business decision is made by an individual acting on the best interests of the business as a whole or the C-suit.

What will convince the individual that your business is the best fit for their company?

I’ll work with you, your team and market research data to determine exactly who your ideal customers are.

Business to Business

Research is not for the faint of heart, I see many other copywriters who do not offer customer persona building services. 

As a trained anthropologist, I love research and excel at it.

Your customer persona, whether B2B or B2C will be well researched and crafted to benefit your marketing and sales departments.