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Is a blog right for your business?

There are few business where a blog is not beneficial. If your business can provide people with insight, helpful how-tos, regularly posted and relevant content, then a blog is right for you.

Companies with a regularly published blog can generate an average of a 67% increase in website leads per month.

Blog posts that inform and delight readers help your business thrive. Take out the tedium of researching topics, understanding SEO, long-tail keywords and eye-catching headlines. That’s what I’m here for.

It’s time your business grabs the attention of your prospects. Generate higher leads and deepen the relationship your business has with clients with a well researched, expertly written blog.

Do you need a guest blogger, an account or are you looking for help with content creation? We will talk about your business needs and budget and discover what will work best for you.


Newsletters used to be written on paper and mailed to subscribers. Every week or two a letter would come to you from a company. They would inform you about goings-on in the industry, offer helpful advice and remind you of the products and services they provide. Now they come to your inbox.

Chances are you are signed up to at least 1 newsletter – I’m signed up to 7 (I think). Some of the newsletters pop into my inbox daily, others bi-weekly and some monthly. Your business’s newsletter shouldn’t be all sales, think of them as a letter to an acquaintance. Not overly formal, conversational and informative. They remind your reader that your there, whenever they need you.

Keep your clients close with a well written newsletter they’ll be excited to read.

Do you need an email campaign or an ongoing account? Let’s discuss your vision and find the best option to suit your budget.


Think of the best thing you’ve ever read. How many times do you think it was edited? The author of one of my favourite books said it was edited 5 times before going to print.

I’ve written short stories, manuscripts, blog posts, emails and a few websites. They all have the same thing in common. They were edited.

Editing polishes your work, making it cohesive and ensures the flow of ideas is like a river instead of a waterfall.

My editorial services will make your writing reader ready.

I’m excited to hear about what you’ve written and I can’t wait to help you present it to the world.

Need Something More?

Did you have something else in mind? Perhaps you’re looking for consultation or you only need help with research for content. Did you want help understanding how to write for social media? Do you need someone to write your social media?

Reach out to me.

Every question matters, none is too small. Remember, I am here to help you with all your writing needs.

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