Your Newsletters Get Read

Newsletters are a beautiful thing. They have been around for a very long time. My grandfather had kept the news letters that RBC used to mail him from the 1940s. They addressed a wide range of issues that were top of mind for their clients back then. They ranged from planning for a family to climate change.

Your newsletters should address the common concerns your clients may have – even if those concerns only lightly touch your industry. Your news letters should keep your clients engaged with you, without over burdening their inbox. I want to position your newsletters so that when they pop into your subscriber’s inbox, they will be excited to open it. They know something good is on the inside!

Creating A Winning Newsletter

If you already have a database of emails, you’re half way there! 

Decide upon the niche you want to target with your newsletters. Do you want to help pet parents make better buying decisions by teaching them how to read labels, understand supply chain or what to look for in a holistic vet?

Perhaps your news letter targets other businesses. You supply industrial coffee machines – those fancy ones with all the steaming and frothing options. What should your B2B newsletter be about? How to care for those machines so the company doesn’t need to fix them (but, if they do, they know who to call). How to get the most out of their investment with advertising?

Whatever your niche, understand that if your a pet industry supplier, you’re not going to be discussing how to keep the coffee machine clean in your news letter.

Your newsletter is going to help your customers, and in return they will know who to turn to when they need help.

Having a content calendar will help plan your newsletters. That way, when we sit down to discuss next month’s letters, we’re not all scratching our heads for topics. Don’t know how to plan a content calendar? We can discuss that, I’m here for you after all.