Landing Pages

Landing pages are very special, they highlight one key service or product that you want to showcase. New products, sale items, new courses or services will all shine on their own landing page.

These pages are key for redirecting prospects, either from your email campaigns or social media posts. It is a common mistake to inform clients of a new product/feature only to leave them searching your website for it. The landing page is for one thing only.

When I write your landing page, all of the features and benefits will be highlighted for the prospects. All their doubts and questions will be answered helping them move towards the buying decision.


Creating Your Landing page

Your landing page should have a natural flow from the link that the prospect followed. A cohesive feel that does not alienate the potential customer.

Working with your team, I will craft a landing page that makes your clients feel welcome and excited to do business with you. Your landing page will answer all their questions while erasing their doubts.

Your well structured landing page will guide the prospect through the learning phase, building their confidence and trust and ultimately prompting them to take that final step into becoming your customer.

Follow the link in the image below for some examples of landing pages.