Email Campaigns

Campaigns are not the same as newsletters. An email campaign can be done as a one-time send to clients whose emails you have captured. It can be a strong sales pitch, a soft reminder to buy soon or a combination.

Email campaigns can also be set up in a series. A combination of cold, warm, hot emails – this combination eases the prospect into making the buying decision.

Below are examples of campaigns I have written, as well as an outline of a series campaign plan.

How To Craft Your Email Campaign

Your email campaign needs to shine in your prospect’s inbox. It’s competing with all those other emails. Your headline needs to grab the prospect’s attention first – the best written email will never be read if the prospect doesn’t care enough to open the email.       

The email itself will address the top 1-3 concerns your prospect has and position your company as the ideal solution to those problems. Research is key here, get the pain point wrong and the whole email will flop.     

Likewise, if your email campaign is too pushy, your prospects will become disengaged and move on. Allow me to craft the perfect email campaign that answers their needs and wins you a new client.

I will work very closely with the marketing department to zero in on the prospect’s concerns, your company will swoop in and save the day!     

Check out some examples below.      

Sales Email

Prospect Email

Email Campaign Outline