Blog Posts

Blog posts are an important means of connecting with your clients and prospects. The ideal blog will position itself as an authority in the industry, as well as helping people out.

A blog that focuses solely on a business’s own successes, without helping the reader solve an issue, will flop.

It should also utilize external and internal links to help boost it to the top of the search engine results page. Cooperating with influential bloggers in a related field to yours will establish credibility and boost reach.

Whatever your blogging goals, your target audience, competition and allies will be well researched. Links will be checked for credibility and relevance.

Below are examples of past posts for Dragon Boat Canada and Survival Guide to Customer Service.

Creating Your Ideal Blog

A pet nutrition blog will be different from a pet retailer blog. Despite these industries are connected, their goals and audience are not always the same (though they will overlap).

Your blog is unique. Before starting your blog, we will discuss your ideal audience, what you hope to achieve with your posts, and how frequently your need to post. Your brand voice and style must be considered at all times, your blog should reflect your brand’s style. Is your blog part of a grander picture, with newsletters or podcasts? Let’s discuss the amazing places your blog will take your business.

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