Training Scripts & Radio Spots

Training videos can be very boring, uninspiring or not communicative of the primary selling features/benefits. When onboarding new staff, educating your retailers about new or improved products and services, a training video is an effective way of reaching as many people as possible. 

I’ll keep your training videos informative and entertaining. Suggesting on-screen points will help your viewer retain important talking points without eating up script time. Talking time should not be constrained by time, that in mind, it should not take up an hour of someone’s time, they wont retain the information.

If your video is information heavy, I would suggest segmenting it. Breaking it down into digestible chunks helps the viewer learn the information and keep from boredom. 

Remember, the goal is not to cram as much information into the video as possible, but for the viewer to better sell your product/service.

Click the link in the image for a sample training video script. Actor prompts and screen bullets are all listed.

Radio Spots

Whoever said radio is dead has it all wrong. Radio often has a captive audience – if you can keep their attention.

Catchy music and an opener that speaks directly to the listener is key. Radio commercials should convey the benefit your company provides the listener and where they can go to find it. Depending on your needs, a landing page is very useful for radio ads. You can create a specific URL for that radio commercial which is simple for the listener to remember. Keep in mind, most listeners cannot write it down (it’s more important that they drive safely), short and easy to remember is the goal.

Working together, we’ll highlight in a memorable way your business and how it serves the listener’s needs. I will stay with you, until the end, offering input on actor voice and musical feel. Remember your audience. If they can relate to the voice, they will be more inclined to listen.

Click the picture below for a radio script sample.