Do you sometimes feel like your company is just another face on Tinder? By the grace of someone’s decision they either swipe right or left? What makes that person decide to engage with you – to want to do business with you?

Prospects are like Tinder users, they need to be convinced within seconds that you are worth their time and ultimately their money. With so much competition, how do you stand out to those prospects? How do you convince them that your business is the only one for them?

Let’s break down some of those key features you’ll want to highlight to persuade them to swipe right.

In A World Of Lemons, Be A Lime

Chances are you have competition – lots of it. Your task as a sales representative, product developer, or marketing manager is to show your prospects the benefits of your product or service.

This is a huge deal, like Tinder, you want to show that prospect that you have something that no one else does. That your special something is worth their time and their money – even if it’s more expensive than the competition.

Understanding your competition is the first step. Research your direct competition; what do they offer, what are they doing on social media, how are they showing their products and services off? What do you do differently (good or bad)?

Once you have sussed out those important unique features, make sure you highlight them to your potential customers.

Note: Your key differences should actually matter to your prospects or they’ll do nothing for you. Always know your ideal prospect before crafting your marketing plan.

Now that you have those amazing differences hammered out, you need to showcase them to your prospects. 

How do you do that? A well trained sales team who knows your product inside and out; even if it’s their first day.

Get Those Swipe-Rights

When I worked retail, I would have a few key products I would recommend. I knew a lot about these products, their key features and benefits and who they were a great fit for. In a few seconds of talking to a customer, I knew which products to recommend to secure the sale.

How did I know? Their sales representatives kept in contact with our store, they offered free training to our staff. They had promotional materials to give us to show our clients how great their products were.

All of those materials take time and money – I understand, since I now write those brochures, flyers and battle cards. The benefit of a well trained sales team will pay for those marketing materials in less than a financial quarter.

When the relationship between your sales team and retailers is harmonious and supportive, your business will make more profit and grow.

Invest in your sales team and the return will be ten fold (or more – ten is not a real statistic, just an expression).

What Tools Should You Invest In?

Your sales team is very important – but I’m sure you knew that. Equip your team with key facts sheets and scripts.

Scripts will help your new staff at first, but I strongly recommend encouraging your team to find their own sales voice. Even the best script still sounds like a script. 

Instead, utilize battle cards. Not those awesome fantasy ones, but the points your sales team can refer back to when a prospect challenges them.

A common concern for most people is price. Why should I pay more for your product or service when the next company is cheaper?

Battle card ready!

Why should they pay more? What makes your pet food better than the one beside it on the shelf? 

Understand your prospect’s pain points. Your state of the art machinery to cook the kibble/can means absolutely nothing to most people. I’ve heard this one before too, a raw food company charged nearly $2 more per pound than the next company because they used some new way of processing. The sales representative told our staff this was the way to sell their food. Unfortunately, most customers could not see the benefit and switched brands.

What does your retailer need to know about you to sell your product to the ideal client?

Consider the retailer’s customers; are they a specialty boutique, big box store, or a family run franchise kinds of people?

Train your sales team on how to sell to each one of these retailers and their clients.

Make sure your sales team is equipped with the right tools to help them sell your products and services. 

They need to know the common gripes a prospect might have and how to address them before the prospect even realizes it was an issue or concern.

That’s A Wrap

Your prospects are ready to swipe right on your brand, but first, you need to give them a reason to want to invest in you. Don’t rely on the fact that you use state of the art machinery or that your product is the only one in the world that uses an exclusive ingredient that only grows on some remote mountain.

Give them what matters to them – even if you don’t think that’s the most fascinating or important part about your company

Once you have established what matters to your prospects, equip your sales team with the right tools.

Invest in a brilliant copywriter who knows how to sell and what to say to persuade your prospects (*ahem, just saying, I did write this lovely article). 

Invest in your sales team above all. They are the ones making you money.

Want to talk more about battle cards – sorry, not Dungeons and Dragons – persuasive copywriting or ways to equip your sales team? Email me, I’m always happy to chat.