Great news for businesses big and small; you can now add links in your Instagram stories. Gone are the days when your prospects have to take that extra step to view your profile in order to find a link back to your product or sales page.

What do story links mean for your business? How will these help grow your sales? How is this different from the ‘shop now’ or ‘view product’ tags?

All those answers and more, if you just read on…

Why Are Links Good News?

I’m very excited over these links for a number of reasons. They are a quick way for your prospects to shop with you. According to Hoostuite, 500 million people view Instagram stories everyday, 50% of people visit the business’s website and 130 million people tap on shopping links every month.

That’s a lot of eyeballs, a lot of prospects and now an even bigger potential to snag those clients.

50% of people were so interested in a product that they either clicked a product or sponsored link, or they traveled all that way to the profile to follow a bitly or website link. 

You might not think that’s a great deal of work for a person to shop with you…but it is. Consumers want it fast and now, they don’t want to click, then click, then add to cart, then enter their info, etc.

You might not want them to do that either. 

What if you sell a service? Hard to click and buy a service; most people want to be sold further on what you do before committing. Links will help direct prospects to your landing page. A beautiful, well written page that answers all their questions before they even ask them and ultimately guide them to that contact or purchase page.

Link and Optimize Your Landing Page

Create a page just for the product or service you want to direct people to, it will make the URL cleaner and get prospects where they want to go. Don’t land them in the middle of Oz and expect them to follow a convoluted yellow road to the product or service they wanted to learn more about.

They’ll get frustrated, bored or carried off by flying monkeys.

It may seem like an expense to have a page created just for a social media campaign, but it is one, that when done well, will pay for itself and then some.

If you offer a service, your story link should lead the prospect to a page all about that service. What is the service? What makes yours better than the other guy? 

Work with your copywriter and sales team to identify commonly asked questions and top concerns your prospects have. When you have those, your copywriter will elegantly craft your landing page to soothe any potential worries your prospects have and lead them to a buying decision.

Once you have everything ready to go, it’s time to start posting.

How Often Should You Post Links?

You should be posting on Instagram at least once per day. Stories should also be at least once per day and a variety in their content – behind the scenes, product review, client testimonials/reposts of user generated content. However, you should not link in every story post.

Remember that your social media is a Swiss Army knife – it has a lot of functions. It leads prospects to you, engages your current clients with you, offers you insight into shopping habits and then helps you make sales.

Create a bitly link in your profile for your landing page – it will be accessible all the time to anyone who wants to check out your profile.

While story links are still new, I do not have any current insight into frequency of use or what Instagram users are doing with them. I will update this once I do.

In the meantime, play around with your posts. Use the built-in analytic features of Instagram and your own website to track click-through rates and adjust your strategy from there.

That’s A Wrap

Congratulations, no matter how big your business is, you now have a means to direct clients back to your website. 

Your link should lead prospects exactly where they want to go. No yellow-brick-road. Your link should directly relate to your post. 

Remember, don’t over-do it. It might be tempting to get your money’s worth from creating the landing page, but prospects don’t always want to be sold-to. I would start with 1 link per 3 stories and adjust from there.

Keep your posts engaging and prospects will want to do business with you – and now they have the link to do it.

Worried your landing pages aren’t guiding your prospects to the right decision? I’m happy to look over your page – at no charge. Then we can chat about it and your next steps to grow your business.