Brianne Vander Neut

Writer, travel enthusiast, devoted pet parent, business owner.

Business can be a fickle thing – you feel on top one day and crazy the next. As a business owner, you are accustomed to doing everything, I know, I’ve been there.

Managing bills, staff, client retention and acquisition, vendor relations, social media, content curation, and every small to large issue that arises when you own a business.

It’s time to breath; I’m here to help. I already understand the pressures you face as a business owner and manager. I ran my family’s retail pet supplies business for over 10 years. A freelance copywriter, like me, works for you, without the hassle of WSIB or vacation pay. You are my top priority – I don’t call in sick, I don’t treat your business as ‘just a job’. I’m here just for you and your business.

I specialize in client connection.

My writing is always tailored to your ideal client. The one who comes back to you every time, from anywhere. Whether your business is e-commerce, bricks-and-mortar or service based, I will keep your clients connected with you.

I will research what your clients are searching for. What they need to hear and what they want to learn. What I do for you saves you hours of time for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone new.

Working Together For Success

Start connecting with your clients and stop wasting your valuable time trying to do everything. When you entrust your client building content to me, you will breath a sigh of relief and better focus your energy.

Let’s discuss your business goals. What made you start this business? What do you need from me as a copywriter? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Who are your current clients? What do they come to you for?

Working together toward success. That’s what our business relationship will be. Relax, your business content is in good hands.

What can you expect from me?

  • Devoted attention to your business
  • Free Q & A session
  • Partnership with you/your team to develop a content calendar
  • 2 free revisions, if something changes, we’ll discuss the changes and make it perfect
  • No hidden fees.
  • Client focused – My attention is on your business needs and your clients.

Your business deserves your attention. Your clients deserve content that connects you to them. You can meet all those needs and more – I’m just a contact button away.

Client Focused Copywriting

Work With Me

Your clients deserve your unique experience and insight. You deserve a loyal client base to help your business flourish. Get ready to grow.